Lightning Thrashes Episode 26

Lightning Thrashes Episode 26
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HELP I’m running out of music! Please send metal artists to - Thunder Road DeMu so I can play their songs!

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Every Song Ever Played on Lightning Thrashes

Every Song Ever Played on Lightning Thrashes - Except for the latest Bonus song 🙂

Lightning Thrashes - Episode 26

A value for value (v4v) enabled heavy metal music show. With your host Kolomona AKA Sir Libre.

This show uses the new revolutionary podcasting 2.0 value time split technology (wallet switching.) Your streaming satoshis and boostagrams automatically get routed directly to the artist currently playing with a small split going to the Lightning Thrashes show.

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note: These boosts came in since the previous show and may have been boosted from previous episodes

  • 3333 - Sir Chad Farrow
    • Love the new IROH track!
  • 3333 - Sir Chad Farrow
    • IROH!! 🤘
  • 3333 - @Cameron - IPFS Podcasting
    • Like the retro album art and return of the double shots. Great job.
  • 2222 - Salty Crayon - Host of the UpBeats v4v Music Show
    • Back2back rock on the morning commute, LFG! 🤘⚡️🤘
  • 1111 - @lyonstyles
    • 25 is just the begining keep rocking them out sir libre
  • 1000 - @guysmilely - Guitarist for Riot in Progress
  • 1000 - @guysmilely - Guitarist for Riot in Progress
    • you should talk about how to get knighted, and how you became Sir Libre
  • 333 - @joelw
  • 420 - joshr Via Wavlake
    • 🤙
  • 100 - Steven₿ Dev of and
    • Are messages working here?
  • 100 - SéimíMacSíomón via Wavlake
  • 200 - uncommunist.3eekv_useru5fcrMI Via Wavlake
  • 75 - Dame Slamy

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Special Thanks

  • Jimmie KOrN - For being a great friend and putting me in contact with a bunch of bands
  • Dame Jennifer - for the jingle
  • Dave Jones - The man behind the magic that makes this all work
  • Adam Curry - For being a visionary and breaking things that Dave makes
  • Steven Bell - The powerhouse behind many of the tools I use to make this happen

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This episode of Lightning Thrashes has been produced entirely with free libre open source software.

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